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As a beginner, practicing the drums can be a little intimidating…

Jake’s #1 practice tip: see below 

It should be intimidating, we live with instagram and youtube at our fingertips. We see incredible talent on a regular basis, talent that represents thousands of hours of dedicated practice and as a result, we have a lot to compare ourselves to. Let this work for you!

The great drummers of the world show us where dedication and time can take us. And when someone asks them what is the secret, they all say the same thing, put in the time.

It is an inspiring thought, that if we just dedicate enough time to our craft, we can hone capabilities that seem otherwise unattainable. Let this be your strength and you will see changes quickly.

Finding the time to Practice


There was a turning point in my life as a drummer when I started getting up earlier and earlier to hop on my practice pads for a few hours before work. I realized time was the key, and that gave me endless inspiration.

Its like every time I sit down at my kit, I am investing in myself.

Enjoy Practicing the Drums


One of the most important elements in the mind of an aspiring drummer is inspiration derived from enjoyment.

You love the drums, that is why you are here. You know that feeling when a drummer in a show or a video plays something, and it just resounds with satisfaction in both you and the drummer, harness that feeling and use the energy it gives you to put the time in.

At the end of the day the two things one needs to advance on the drums is inspiration and time.

Greenville Drummer Drum Kit

Jakes #1 tip to a better practice approach

Its simple… 

Find 30 extra minutes a day to practice rudiments, hands and feet. Look into push/pull techniques and find the style thats right for you.

This simple achievement will improve your playing and give you something to be proud of. You invested in yourself.

Bonus tip… Always protect your ears!!!


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