About Me

Located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, The Greenville Drummer is standing by hoping to hear from you. If you are on this page that means you either wish to connect with local musicians, or you would like to learn something about the drums – either way I will be happy to chat. With 20 years of daily practice under my belt, I am confident to lay down some grooves for some serious musicians. I am mostly self-taught but I did start out under the instruction of a local legend in the Virginia Beach music scene. I am devoted to my craft and enthusiastic to meet local musicians!

My name is Jake. I grew up in Virginia Beach and started my path on the drums at summer “rock camps” as a kid. I preceded to take private lessons for a while before high school. I played in multiple bands in high school and college, actually winning a battle of the bands and playing some live shows here and there.

I graduated from Virginia Tech in 2017. Since then I have been working as a wildland firefighter all over the western states. Even when there seems to be so much going on that demands my attention, my love for drumming has never diminished. I always find myself making time for the practice pad. More recently, I pour over countless video lessons from some of the best instructors out there and I have made the world my teacher.

I am very approachable and enthusiastic to discuss anything drum related. If you would like to inquire about lessons, please do! If you would like a potential gigging drummer I’d love to discuss that as well.


My Mission

My goal for this website is to act as a virtual resume and portfolio to display my value as a drummer. I will also use this as a platform to share some of what I learn as I progress in my Blog. This website should help any drummers that wish to learn and stay inspired!