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Drummer for Hire Greenville SC

If you need a drummer for a record/gig/jam near Greenville I would be very happy to hear from you. I am confident with most genres and always excited to connect with other musicians in Greenville.

Beginner Lessons Greenville SC

Located in beautiful Greenville, South Carolina, I offer beginner-level lessons designed to develop your hands, feet, and most importantly, your BRAIN for your future as a drummer. Focusing on the correct techniques and catering to the student’s interests, these lessons will encourage optimal growth and inspiration.

Drum Blog

I will be uploading blog posts to this website on topics I find interesting and helpful. Look for practice tips or inspirational videos as I share with you my journey as well as others. With the internet, the whole world is our teacher!

Welcome to the homepage of Greenville’s premier drummer! Get ready to elevate your drumming skills with comprehensive lessons tailored to beginners. Explore our engaging drum blog for valuable insights, tips, and techniques. As a seasoned drummer, I bring dynamic performances to live gigs, studio recordings, and special events. Discover the captivating power of drums and ignite your passion for music. Contact me today to book lessons or performances. Let’s embark on an incredible musical journey together. The beat starts here in Greenville, SC!



For as long as I can remember I have had a burning desire to be a great drummer. I work every day to develop better techniques and practice routines. I use my obsession to fuel my progression.

Yes, that is a young Jake about to make some noise



As a professional drummer, having quality gear is essential to my craft. I take pride in my Ludwig acoustic kit, renowned for its rich tones and superior craftsmanship. Additionally, my Roland electric kit adds versatility and innovation to my tailored lessons, creating a dynamic and immersive drumming experience.



Drumming is not just a professional ambition but it is my most treasured hobby. I am truly excited every time I sit down at my kit. You will see it by the smile on my face as a lay down a groove. I mean, how can you not love the drums?

Learning Resources

Check out TheGreenvilleDrummer’s Blog! These quick reads are chock-full of useful tips and insights aimed to help beginner drummers develop practice routines, choose the best gear, and much more! Each post includes a bonus practice tip I find very useful. Look also for updates on relevant events in Greenville, SC!

A message from Jake

Thank you so much for taking the time to look at my website. TheGreenvilleDrummer is a brand I hope to grow as I continue to grow as a professional drummer in Greenville, SC. Contact me today if you want to play some music or learn something about the drums, I am always happy to chat!